Good Charlotte has been rocking out for nearly 20 years now. But that doesn’t mean its members can’t wander off into the occasional musical side project, right?

Which brings us to The Madden Brothers, a.k.a. the brand new band from Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden and his guitarist brother Benji. Although their inaugural album doesn’t drop until the fall, the soulful debut single, titled We Are Done, is heading our way on June 2.

“The idea was to not hide behind a band name or a genre,”; Benji says about the project, “but rather to write some songs, and find someone to record them and help us deliver the truest picture of who we are musically.”;

The new collection of tunes is described as a pitch-perfect showcase of the Maddens’ “killer knack for melody, radiant sibling harmonies, and heartfelt story-telling.”; And fear not: this doesn’t spell the end of Good Charlotte. The band is expected to return to the studio in the not-so-distant future. Crisis averted!

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