Pokemon Go has hit the Republican National Convention, but “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update co-host Michael Che is having a hard time catching, well, anything.

The comedian and his co-host Colin Jost were at the convention to spot minorities, something the RNC has been noticeably lacking. Together with Jost, Che parodied the Pokemon Go craze creating “Trumpemon Go” in an attempt to spot some rare minorities at the convention.

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“As Trump would always say, let’s round up some brown people!” Che says.

“I’ve seen some Hawaiians,” a convention-goer tells Che.

Che and Jost weren’t overly successful in catching too many minorities. Che manages to capture “Selfie Stick Black Man,” “Old Black Dude” and “Asian Man” before calling it quits. And no, that mural of Aladdin doesn’t count.