George Clooney Announces The Expansion Of The Satellite Sentinel Project

The initiative George Clooney co-launched three years ago, the Satellite Sentinel Project will now be conducting forensic investigations, along with the satellite imagery it currently uses to monitor and warn against human rights abuses in war-torn Sudan and South Sudan.

At the recent Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity dinner, Clooney shared the impetus behind their new efforts, “We want to follow the money and find out how these atrocities are funded, who enables them and what the smart tools are to counter these activities more effectively. Genocide and other human rights crimes are never just spontaneous events. They require planning, they require financing and they require international indifference to succeed.”;

The actor who stepped down from his six-year tenure as a United Nation’s “Messenger for Peace”; in April, also emphasized, “To the extent we can, we want to make it more difficult for those willing to kill en masse to secure their political and economic objectives, and we want to move the needle away from indifference and inaction.”

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