An unidentified man interrupted CTV journalist Sarah MacDonald’s live telecast on Thursday to deliver a “FHRITP” prank.

The Vancouver TV correspondent, who was reporting live on a Pokemon Go meetup from the city’s Robson Square, was rudely ambushed by a man taking a selfie who then yelled “f*** her right in the pokeballs.”

MacDonald responded to concerned Twitter users on Thursday and reassured them that a police report had been filed.

Vancouver police have since launched an investigation into the prank.
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“It’s certainly something we’ll look at and if charges are appropriate we’ll look at,” Sgt. Randy Fincham told MacDonald’s news network.
“The media are here to perform a service, just like we are, of sharing what’s happening with the public and I hope people would recognize that and appreciate that and leave them alone.”

The troubling incident is part of a stint of sexually explicit pranks directed at female reporters live on air.

Last spring, a Hydro One employee launched a similar assault on Toronto news reporter Shauna Hunt while reporting live from a Toronto FC match.