See Jennifer Aniston Play A Jilted Wife In ‘Life Of Crime’ Trailer

In Life of Crime, Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who is kidnapped in an attempt to extort money from her wealthy husband (Tim Robbins).

The only problem with the kidnappers’ plan: The husband doesn’t want his wife back. He’s in love with a younger mistress (Isla Fisher) and doesn’t want to pay his wife alimony, so the kidnapping is actually the best thing that could have happened to him.

The movie, which closed last year’s Toronto Film Festival and received strong word of mouth, is based on the Elmore Leonard novel The Switch. Due to the fact that Jennifer Aniston has already been in a movie called The Switch (the 2010 artificial insemination comedy), the title was changed to Life of Crime.

Life of Crime hits theatres August 29.

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