The Pokemon craze is taking over the globe, and one Beyonce fan, in particular, is taking offence.

A Beyonce concertgoer lost his mind after catching a fellow Beyhive member playing Pokemon Go while the “Formation” singer was performing mere metres away from her. “This b***h is playing Pokemon when Beyonce’s singing! F**king Pokemon,” the fan yelled out in his Instagram video.

“She’s lucky Solange never saw her,” the video’s caption read.

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The fan, who had a front-row seat to her Stade de France concert in Paris on July 21, went on to express shock at the Pokemon addict’s boldness given her proximity to the star. “Look at where she is. Look at where she is! She’s next to the stage. This is the stage, [and] the bitch is playing Pokemon!”

But seconds later, the fan would turn his attention back to Queen Bey, who would reach out to the distressed fan and touch his face. “Side note I’m never showering again,” he added in the caption.

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