With the release of their new album “Morning Report” due worldwide on August 5, the Arkells debuted the video for their song “Drake’s Dad” on Friday.

The song recalls the time the Canadian rock band’s frontman Max Kerman randomly ran into Drake’s dad in a bar. Kerman recalls, “Last summer I was on a road trip with my best friends through the American South and in the middle of the night, we happened to meet Drake’s dad – Dennis Graham – in a Memphis bar.”

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The video follows the band’s adventures through Nashville and Memphis as they sing with a gospel choir, party with bachelorettes and yes, you guessed it, hang with Drake’s dad. The best part? Drake’s dad, who originates from Memphis, actually features in the video.

“I love writing about the joy of friendship, and the lighthouse that home can be while you’re out lost at sea,” Kerman says. “The narrative carries on to Nashville for some more shenanigans and finishes with us crawling back into bed back home in Hamilton very tired and missing our girls.”