Matte Babel: Under ‘Big Brother’ House Arrest

Let me put this into perspective because I didn’t quite understand Big Brother until I spent a day in the house.

Imagine a house where everyone is tired ALL the time, where people are AFRAID to sleep for fear others in the house might conspire to remove them from the house, so the occupants want to be ‘in the mix’ all the time… imagine how exhausting that alone would be. Now imagine how cranky and on edge everyone must be. To make things just a little worse, the only place you’re allowed to sleep is in bed, so even if you fall asleep somewhere else in the house you’re woken up over a loud speaker…

So you’re tired from lack of sleep, but you’re also tired from just lazing around the house… I mean there isn’t much to do… imagine just kind of waiting around to be told what to do. Imagine how many choices you’re able to make in an average day and how foreign the feeling must be that you have no autonomy. None.  You’re told when and what you’re able to do. You remain inside for days on end with no idea what is going on in the outside world. I had no idea what time it was, what the weather was like, or whether or not China had taken over the world. During the course of the past 14 seasons, the only piece of news that has ever been given to contestants in the Big Brother house was that 9/11 had happened. Now imagine that for upwards of 70 days…

Now digest that and imagine having all day to think about who’s against you and analyzing people’s expressions, mannerisms and choices they’ve made while ‘playing the game’.

The hardest part is while enduring all of that, all of a sudden your called and it’s time to go from zero to 60 and compete in a high adrenaline-filled competition that could very potentially determine your fate.

More photos of Matte inside the “Big Brother”; 14 house

Oh yes… all the while you might have been punished and eating the same thing for the past three weeks. LOL

It’s a 24-hour giant mind f**k.

You see contrary to the millions of addicts around the world who are obsessed with Big Brother and After Dark (which I know is a late night extension of Big Brother), I’ve always associated Big Brother with “My big brother was B.I.G’s brother use to be Dame and B.I.G’s brother” …and I still do. BUT, after having spent a full day in the Big Brother house I have to say Kanye is getting a run for his money…

Ten media personalities, including myself, under close watch, were stripped of our cell phones, watches and anything else that might provide comfort and normalcy and sent into what will be the Big Brother 14 house.

The house is pretty dope. Bright colours, with an interesting Japanese art deco-design infused with American sensibilities makes for sensory overload. By Big Brother standards it’s perfect. It’s foreign enough that I’m not sure competitors will ever feel quite ‘comfortable’ or ‘at home’… The first thing I noticed is just how many cameras there are… they’re EVERYWHERE. There are glass panes in the walls with cameras, cameras in the roof, cameras just hidden. I’ve never really felt like that and I work for the camera… it’s kind of eerie to know your every move is being watched.

Within the first two hours it was apparent that some of the media had been here before, competing in the Big Brother house – the lingo, the references, the whispering… I felt like the kid with six toes on the first day of swim camp. I mean prior to being in the house I had seen a handful of episodes, most of which I watched online the night before! Then came our house guests… Brendon and Rachel… if you have no idea who I’m talking about you’re not the only one. While the rest of the house went crazy when they walked in, there were a couple of us scratching our heads trying to put it together. Turns out Rachel had actually won Big Brother last year and Brendon was a fierce competitor who has been on the show numerous times – and also happens to be engaged to Rachel. They both turned out to be amazing people.  Brendon, kind of threw me for a loop when I found out he’s also doing his PHD at UCLA in some science thing that I can’t pronounce. He’s a very intelligent guy.

Anyway, once everyone was in the house, the competition was underway…

Watch below and see how I fared in the house!



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