Sarah McLachlan Opens Up To ET Canada In A Brand New Interview

Canadian music icon Sarah McLachlan is stepping back into the spotlight.

After a bit of a hiatus, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has released her first new album in four years and she’s opening up to ET Canada about the journey she took to create this new full-length offering. According to Sarah, her recent work as an artist has been shaped by some sizable shifts in her personal life.

I found myself at 40, single.“; shared Sarah. “Soon afterwards I lost my father. Around the same time I separated from my management and record label of 23 years… (I) sort of had to redefine myself. And figure out how do I want the rest of my life to look.

Sarah’s freshly released album, Shine On, is an effort that highlights the star’s commitment to making the most of her abilities.

Writing is never easy for me. Lyrics in particular,“; the platinum-seller tells ET Canada. “For me it’s the best way I know how to communicate. That being said it’s not easy.

The “Building a Mystery”; songstress is set to hit the road this summer, playing shows across the U.S. before transitioning into a series of Canadian dates this autumn.

“I love playing live!”; exclaimed Sarah.

The Juno-decorated singer is also excited about the prospect of bringing her two kids on tour.

You know I walk off stage at five to eleven and at eleven o’clock I’m in my jammies reading them stories,“; explained the Canadian music superstar/mom.



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