Canadian punk rock group Simple Plan is a band with a cause and it’s to help those in need.

The group may have their own charity called the Simple Plan Foundation that helps young people in need by helping them find a passion in life, but now they are teaming up with the One X One Million Meals Movement to fight hunger in North America.

“You realize tons of kids can’t even get to school and have a good breakfast,” The band’s drummer Chuck Comeautells ET Canada about hunger in North America. “I feel that has a huge impact on them, they can’t learn as well, it just kind of sucks.”

The band also dishes on their reaction on Sum 41 band member Deryck Whibley’s near death experience.

“Actually Chuck sent out an email to all the guys with the link to the article and was like ‘Yo, what? How did that happen?’ It’s crazy,” Lead singer Pierre Bouvier reveals.

The boys of Simple Plan, Comeau and Bouvier have also hinted that their fifth studio has some new influences to their sound, but with throwback ’70s feel and they’re pretty excited about it.

Watch below!

~ Bernard Tooney