Her engagement to Johnny Depp may have catapulted her to a new level of stardom, but as Amber Heard tells W magazine, her post-engagement life hasn’t been all that different from her pre-engagement life. “I haven’t noticed any change in my career,” she says. “And, for better or worse, I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people. Before, it was also seen as unconventional.”;

Prior to becoming involved with Depp, who she met on the set of 2011’s The Rum Diary, Heard was in a same-sex relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree for four years.

The only major difference that Heard has noticed is that she now has far more paparazzi on her trail. In order to avoid them, Heard switches rental cars every week—a strategy which unfortunately entails having to leave her prized Mustang in the garage. “I do miss driving my Mustang,” she says. “I built it from scratch, and I love that car. But the photographers all know the Mustang, and I hate being hassled. So it’s stuck in the garage.”

Another strategy that Heard has adopted to avoid the tabloids is to feed her friends false information about her private life. When one of the false stories appears in the press, she has a clearer view of who she can and cannot trust.

The friends that she can trust, Heard reveals, have a habit of warning her romantic suitors about the angry Texan that lurks under her elegant exterior. “Whenever my old friends meet someone I’m involved with romantically, they immediately warn them: ‘She may look refined, but when she’s angry, she can go trailer park really fast,’ ” Heard says. “But I’d always rather be passionate than bland. I can’t imagine living a quiet life.”

Read the full interview in the June/July issue of W on newsstands now.