Monty Python’s John Cleese Blasts Editor After ‘Daily Mail’ Mocks His ‘Beer Belly’

When you mock a comedy legend, expect to get hit back hilariously.

That’s what the editor of Britain’s The Daily Mail found out when the newspaper ran a short piece poking fun at a paparazzi pic of John Cleese, writing that the “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” star “doesn’t make much effort to hide his belly as he wanders through London in an unflattering T-shirt,” claiming he appeared “pale-faced and puffy” while carrying grocery bags while describing his “considerable paunch” and “rather large beer belly.”

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After publication of the article, Cleese took to Twitter to strike back, aiming at Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, who is believed to have a heart condition and has reportedly suffered several heart attacks. With that in mind, Cleese tweeted his wishes that Dacre’s “next heart attack is his last.”

Not everyone found those remarks as funny as Cleese did, with some in the Twitterverse taking him to task for apparently wishing Dacre dead.

Naturally, Cleese had a response for the naysayers:










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