Canadian synth-pop heroines Tegan and Sara have lent their support and their story to the It Gets Better project.

The campaign (which you’re likely familiar with already) is aimed at communicating to LGBT youth “that it gets better and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.

The Juno-feted twin sisters appear in a recently released video for the project’s spin-off series It Got Better. The clip features Tegan and Sara Quin discussing what it was like to be gay in the Prairies and the obstacles they faced as a result. The pair also share their perspective on how they’re working to make the world a more LGBT-friendly place.

“I don’t think our music is eradicating ignorance and homophobia or sexism,”; explains Tegan. “I think it’s just helping people come a little bit further over the line to understanding.”;

We have the inspiring slice of video below.