Huh, that may not have been the beef fans were expecting.

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The Jonas Brother’s dad took to Twitter to accuse Katy Perry of stealing the idea for her new “Rise” music video. Kevin Jonas Sr. compared the singer’s new music video to Olivia Somerlyn’s “Parachute”.

He even included a side by side comparison in his tweet, sharing the similarities between stills taken from both videos.

Following the accusation, a rep for Paul Gore, director of the video, responded with the following statement: “The filmmakers created a video for Katy Perry having never before seen the other video. Any similarity is pure coincidence,” he stated.

In addition, “Parachute” director Ryan Pallotta told Gossip Cop: “Paul Gore is a revered director and I’m sure he wouldn’t knowingly copy anything. It’s just a parachute — there are lots of them in prop houses and I would chalk this up to coincidence.”

You can decide for yourself whether or not the videos are similar. Here is Perry’s “Rise”.

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And here is the music video for Somyerlyn’s “Parachute”, which was co-written and produced by Nick Jonas.