Are ‘The Simpsons’ Coming Back To The Big Screen?

The Simpsons transitioned to the big screen in 2007 and although America’s favourite yellow-skinned family hasn’t made the jump since, it looks as though they might be taking baby steps in that direction.

The long running animated show has been on TV for an unprecedented 23 seasons, with a couple of more to go and The Simpson Movie was a big box office success.  There has been little progress on getting the family to make the jump to the big screen again… until now.

The short, titled The Longest Daycare will premiere in theatres in 3D before Ice Age: Continental Drift, opening July 13. It focuses on the smallest of the Simpson clan, Maggie’s return to the Ayn Rand School for Tots.

It might be titled, The Longest Daycare, but prepare yourselves because this is by far the shortest trailer you will ever see.

Watch below!



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