Britney Spears is blessed with legions of loyal fans, but what happens when fans love an artist but aren’t so crazy about the artwork for her new album, or the concept of her new video?

That’s the dilemma faced by Britney Spears as she faces a full-on fan revolt over the just-released video for the new single “Make Me”.

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Following a petition urging Spears to change the cover art of “Glory”, a new petition has just been launched asking for the “original” video (reportedly directed by photographer David LaChappelle) to be released, instead of the alternate version which was released earlier this week.

“We Britney fans find that the music video is not a suitable representation of the song and we are calling for the original video to be released (Yes, we know there was a video shot by David LaChapelle before this one, parts of it have already leaked),” reads the petition. “We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment release the original video that was filmed by David LaChapelle for the song.”

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Unlike the cover art petition, which has only attracted about 300 signatures, the new petition is getting some traction, garnering nearly 13,000 supporters in just two days.