Seth Rogen says the “Knocked Up” feud with Katherine Heigl was made to be bigger than it really was.

The 34-year-old Vancouver native stopped by “Watch What Happens” and answered audience calls. One caller brought up the beef between the “Sausage Party” writer and his former co-star: “Katherine Heigl said on Stern that she would like to work with you again, but you’re still mad at her. Is that true?”

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The apparent feud began almost a decade ago, after Heigl seemingly criticized her 2007 film “Knocked Up”, which also starred Rogen, in an interview with Vanity Fair: “It was hard for me to love that movie… [‘Knocked Up’] paints the women as shrews.”

Rogen told the caller that although he fired back at the “Grey’s Anatomy” alum in a 2009 appearance on “The Howard Stern Show”, he never took it too seriously: “No, I was never mad… honestly, and I assumed she didn’t want to work with us anymore, honestly, because she seemed to not like the result of the work we did together.”

He elaborated further on the situation: “She did not seem entirely pleased with it afterward… I think that was the root of everything. But honestly it was so long ago, and I have damaged my brain so badly in the last few years, I have a hard time even recalling what it was about or even who was supposed to be mad at who, and I have no bad feelings towards her at all, honestly.”

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Earlier this year, Heigl told Howard Stern that her comments towards “Knocked Up” were immature: “I absolutely owe anybody an apology who I unwillingly offended or disrespected.”

When one chapter closes another begins. Both parties appear to have moved on from their disagreement and Rogen can look forward to the release of his new film “Sausage Party” in theatres on Friday, August 12.