“The Hills” resident bad boy said Lauren Conrad was not the innocent girl the show made her out to be.

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Speaking with Broadly, Justin Bobby believes the show painted Conrad in a positive light although: “she wasn’t the most down to earth.”

He did not put the blame solely on his former co-star; instead, calling it a product of life in the limelight: “You get a young girl like that, who has been on TV since she was 18, and her whole life’s exposed – how do you get an actual normal person at that point? You don’t get someone who’s down-to-earth and someone who’s loving and caring. You get someone who’s f**king twisted!”

Surprisingly, Bobby had far nicer words for fellow “Hills” cast members Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: “I really liked them a lot. I liked that their love stayed true – I mean they had so much [ridicule] for doing what they’re doing, and they’re still together, and they’re still saying, ‘f**k you.’ That to me is like, ‘You guys won all the way around.’”

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Following the show’s conclusion, Bobby headed to Nicaragua to surf and run a hair salon. He now performs as BobbyrocK with bandmate David Dariani.