Martin Sheen Calls ‘Don’ Trump An ‘Empty-Headed Moron’

Longtime political activist and actor Martin Sheen isn’t mincing words when it comes to Donald Trump.

Referring to the presidential candidate as “Don”, Sheen sounds off against the “scary” Trump in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“He makes me laugh, in that nobody seems to get it yet,” he says, before further elaborating. “That he’s an empty-headed moron. That he has absolutely nothing to offer us. That he’s done his bidding and he has to be responsible for the damage he’s already done.”

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“Don Trump has been around for a very long time. He’s a very self-centered promoter,” Sheen says.

With his distaste for Trump on full display, Sheen is keen to talk about why he’s supporting Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House.

“She has some common sense. I’m not saying she’s mistake-free. Who is? I mean, she’s a human being,” he says of Clinton.  “She’s been in public life for 30 years. She’s made a few mistakes. Is anybody talking about George Bush and the 30,000 emails he destroyed about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and all of that nonsense, and how Great Britain came in, and all the other allies knowing full well that it was bogus? So, please, if you want to talk about how much her mistakes have cost us, none in human lives — and please don’t mention Benghazi. That’s a lot of crap. She was not controlling that situation. It was a military situation. And that’s run by the Pentagon or the CIA or both. She’s under orders.”

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The 76-year-old actor is holding out for the American public to see Trump for what he truly is.  Sheen believes Trump has no chance of winning the election.

“He has no chance. None. I promise you. The fight hasn’t begun yet. I promise you. The tsunami that’s going to hit him has not reached the shore yet,” he says. “When [the public] comes to their senses and they realize what’s at stake, there will be an overwhelming disapproval of this man’s chances for the White House. I promise you. None. Zero. Donald Trump is finished.”

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