Miles Teller has had enough with the tabloids calling out his new blonde locks.

In an interview with Mr Porter, the 29-year-old actor addresses the backlash he received from a certain popular site about his blonde hair, which he dyed for his upcoming role in “Granite Mountain”.

“They were like, ‘Who does Miles Teller think he is?'” the 29-year-old actor recalls. “That s**t nauseates me.”

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Teller, who will have made 14 movies in fives years by the end of 2016, reveals which actors inspire him the most. He says, “De Niro, Pacino, Penn, Bridges, Hoffmans Dustin and Phil… If I go where those guys are at, I don’t want to feel embarrassed by my resume.”

While Teller has been blessed with starring roles in “Whiplash” and “The Spectacular Now”, the actor reveals that achieving success wasn’t always so simple. At age 20, Teller was involved in a major car accident that left scars on his face and made it harder for him to land coveted acting jobs.

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Recalling the recovery process, he says, “I got lucky. The EMT [emergency medical technician] told me 99.9 per cent of people in these cases would be dead or paralyzed. Recovery was slow. For years, I had to have steroid injections and laser surgery, the kind they use for tattoo removal. Very painful.”

Teller will star alongside Jonah Hill in the upcoming crime drama, “War Dogs”.