The future is now… Unfortunately?

The highly-anticipated video game “South Park: Fractured But Whole” touts an innovative new feature to immerse fans – farts.

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Game developer Ubisoft revealed the device, an Oculus Rift inspired peripheral appropriately named Nosulus Rift (although “Oculus Sniff” would also have been accepted).

Players can strap the device to their nose while playing the “South Park” video game. In a spoof video published by Ubisoft, the product will pump your nostrils with stink gas every time you pass one as the new kid. The feature so accurately reflects the complexities of farts, one “fan” touted: “The fart stinks so real. Best immersive experience ever… It was exactly as if someone had farted right in my face. I was like, ‘Holy s**t! Is this a real fart?”

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So avid gamers and “South Park” fans the world over must be salivating over the thought of purchasing one of these nifty sniffers. Unfortunately you can’t. There is no current release date for the Nosulus Rift, but you can watch it in action at the bottom of this article.

“South Park: Fractured But Whole”, sequel to the critically acclaimed “The Stick of Truth”, hits stores on December 6.