Robert Redford Saves Abused Horse, Gets Lost In New Zealand Wilderness

It has been quite the adventure for Robert Redford on the set of his latest film, “Pete’s Dragon”.

His co-star Bryce Dallas Howard revealed that the American actor dropped everything after spotting a horse tied to a post: “There was a horse who was clearly abused, who was tied to this wooden fence that was right by the freeway.”

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The horse had seemingly been there for a while, Howard explained at an event for the film: “And we would drive back and forth to work and the horse looked emaciated and abused, and neglected – and there was no water for the horse, no hay.”

Eventually, Redford had enough and decided to gallop into action: “He got someone to knock on all the doors in the neighborhood and say ‘Is this your horse?’”

No one would claim the horse, but many neighbours acknowledged it had been there for a long time. Redford, who has spent plenty of time on horseback in films like “The Horse Whisperer”, “Butch Cassidy” and “The Electric Horseman”, had enough and rescued the horse himself.

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That wasn’t the only adventure the 79-year-old actor had. He also got lost in the New Zealand wilderness after a helicopter, en route to the movie set, dropped Redford off in the wrong place.

Disney’s live action adaption of “Pete’s Dragon” flew into theatres on August 12.

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