Shortly after a video showing Johnny Depp on a bizarre and violent tirade emerged, new photos illustrating Depp’s volatile behaviour have leaked online after the actor reportedly cut his fingertip off in a violent outburst aimed at Amber Heard.

Heard filed court papers alleging Depp terrorized her by cutting his fingertip. TMZ has obtained gruesome images of Depp’s butchered finger which Heard’s camp claim happened after the actor cut his fingertip in a fit of rage. According to reports and photos, shortly after Heard and Depp married last year, an argument broke out with Depp accusing of Heard of cheating on him with actor Billy Bob Thornton.

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According to Amber’s version of events, Depp was drunk and high on ecstasy when he smashed several bottles and windows in their Australian villa in March before smashing a plastic phone against a wall unit. One of the broken items then cut off a portion of Depp’s forefinger. Heard, who paints in her spare time, had blue paint in the room which Depp then dipped his severed fingertip in to write “Starring Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on a mirror in the villa.

Filmed in early 2015, Heard and Thornton had appeared in the film “London Fields” together.  Depp accused Heard of having an affair with the actor – in addition to others – something she has strongly denied. On Monday, a source told People Thornton did not have an affair with Heard.

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Heard’s team claims that Depp waited more than 24 hours to seek treatment for his butchered finger and his fingertip could not be re-attached.  Doctors were able to use a flap of skin from his hand to close the wound. The scar on his middle finger is visible in the above image, taken last month.