Okay, this gem of a clip was uploaded to YouTube a few years back. And amazingly, it sat pretty much unnoticed. Until now that is.

Behold: early 1990s video footage of A-list thespian Ryan Gosling chatting it up with “N Sync frontman JC Chasez. Impressive, no? Of course back then, the lads were simply two members of the Mickey Mouse Club television show, blissfully unaware of their pending superstardom.

The gist: addressing the camera, JC answers the week’s Mouse Mail from a viewer who writes, “I would like to know how all you kids keep so cool and natural in front of the TV cameras.”;

A fair question indeed. But before JC can rhyme off a response, a tween-ish Ryan walks through the door and throws down some mad acting skills. Basketball in hand of course, ’cause 12-year-olds were all about basketball back then.

Anyhow, no more spoilers: watch the video below and prepare to be all, “Awwwwww!”; You know, in a good way. This thing’s pretty adorable.