James Corden Reveals He Was ‘Kidnapped’ By Teenage ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Fans: ‘Forced Me To Get Into The Car’

James Corden was strolling the streets of London a few weeks ago when, out of the blue, he found himself singing along in the most unusual “Carpool Karaoke” ever — and cameras weren’t even rolling!

“I was crossing the street in London a few weeks ago and there were these four kids. They were like 18, 19,” he told The Wrap.

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“They sort of forced me to get in the car,” he continued. “They all had their camera phones out and we were just singing along to the radio. I was like, ‘Am I being kidnapped?’”


“Carpool Karaoke” was an instant hit when Corden debuted the bit after taking over hosting duties of “The Late Late Show” last year, and its popularity just keeps growing. In fact, his various “Carpool Karaoke” segments have racked up more than 830 million views on YouTube.

“To see it take off in the manner that it has is just overwhelming and thrilling,” Corden said. “You just never think that it would be something that would get watched so many times.”

In this video from The Wrap, Corden answers 10 rapid-fire questions in two minutes. Watch:

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