’90s kids around the world can celebrate the moment they’ve waited for all these years.

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Arguably propelled by the unparalleled success of Pokémon Go, one studio is beginning to work on the first ever featured life-action adaptation of “Pokémon”. The movie will be based on the upcoming Japanese video game “Detective Pikachu”.

Some legit writers have been tapped to work on the script. Currently in negotiations are Nicole Perlman (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Thor”) and Alex Hirsch (“Gravity falls”). Entertainment Weekly confirmed the news.

Legendary Entertainment is the studio that won the rights to the movie, Seaking (yes that’s a Pokémon pun) out a collaboration with The Pokémon Company. The studio will have a Wigglytuff road in front of them, as fans will likely have high expectations for the movie.

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Until more details emerge, check out the trailer for the upcoming Japanese video game “Detective Pikachu”, which features some live-action elements.