Update: ‘Fault’ Outgrosses ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ By $6.4 Million

UPDATE: The box office figures for Thursday night are in, and as many expected, the low budget The Fault In Our Stars trounced the ultra-expensive Edge of Tomorrow.

Fault grossed $8.2 million, a figure roughly on par with what X-Men: Days Of Future Past made on its opening Thursday, while Edge grossed just $1.8 million.

In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise is killed over and over again by an army of super-advanced aliens. But according to box office analysts, it’s two teenager cancer patients and not super-advanced aliens that present the greatest risk to Cruise. By most accounts, The Fault In Our Stars—the low budget drama based on John Green’s bestselling novel—is set to make $35 to $40 million over the weekend, while Edge of Tomorrow is only on track to open with about $25 million.

The Fault In Our Stars cost $12 million to make, while Edge cost $178 million.

Adding to Cruise’s misfortune: Maleficent, which opened last weekend to an astonishing $70 million, is on track to gross another $30 million this weekend, which means Edge of Tomorrow will likely open in third place.

But things may not be quite as dire for Cruise as they may initially seem: Although it may lack Fault“s ultra-loyal built-in fan base, Edge of Tomorrow has received some of the strongest reviews of any movie so far this year (it currently holds 88 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes), which means that it could benefit from strong word of mouth and develop an ultra-loyal fan base at some point further down the road.



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