Police Called After ‘Heated Argument’ Between Puff Daddy And Cassie

Police officers were called to the scene after an explosive argument broke out between Puff Daddy and Cassie Ventura, TMZ reports.

According to sources, the stars were involved in a “heated argument” while travelling by car on Wednesday afternoon after Cassie reportedly informed Diddy she wanted to end their relationship.

The announcement angered Diddy, prompting him to snatch Cassie’s phone and begin searching through the device. He then reportedly jumped out of the car as Cassie took off with the driver.

The rapper would later return the phone upon his return to their home but allegedly “took two cars parked outside.”

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After hearing about the argument, Cassie’s mother called the police, who soon arrived at the couple’s home. The singer explained that she received her phone back but followed through with writing a domestic incident report despite no crime being committed.

Puff Daddy and Cassie have yet to confirm whether this signals the end of their long term relationship as a couple.

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