There may be plenty of shenanigans in “Bad Moms”, but sexism isn’t one of them — so says star Kristen Bell.

A fan took to Twitter on Friday to question the ages of Bell and co-star Mila Kunis’ onscreen children in the comedy and ask if it was a sign of ageism at play. “In @BadMoms @IMKristenBell and Mila Kunis are moms of preteens but are actual moms of toddlers,” the tweet reads. “Another example of Hollywood ageist sexism?”

“Mine has 5, 3, & 1yr. Close to my kids ages,” Bell, who is mom to Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 1, replied. “Milas had her kids at 20-its plot line relevant-She’s 33, so believable”

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“I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, it sure does,” Bell was quick to add in a follow-up tweet. “I just know we gave it a lot of thought and it doesn’t apply here.”

Meanwhile, Kunis’ toddler is daughter Wyatt, who turns two in October. She’s also expecting baby No. 2 with Ashton Kutcher, and at the “Bad Moms” premiere, got real with ET about the challenges of parenting.

“Every night that we put Wyatt down, we high-five each other and we’re like, ‘We did it! We kept her alive!'” she joked. “And we’re still in love. You high-five when you still like each other and you still like your kid at the end of the night, because sometimes they’re the devil.”

Hear more of the cast’s bad mom moments in the video below.

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