Corey Feldman appears on the upcoming second season of “Hollywood Medium”, with TV psychic Tyler Henry using his alleged spiritual abilities to allow Feldman to supposedly communicate with his friend and co-star Corey Haim, who passed away in 2010.

In a new promo, Feldman can be seen getting misty-eyed as he purportedly contacts Haim in the afterlife, but Haim’s mom is calling BS on the whole thing, reports TMZ,  writing on her Facebook page that Feldman is the last person her son would want to get in touch with from the great beyond.

“Judy Haim says Feldman’s crying act was just that — bogus tears, shed only for a paycheque,” states TMZ.

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In fact, Haim adds that her son “had distanced himself from Feldman while trying to sober up in the years before his death,” and she believes that Feldman is continues focusing on his friendship with her son “because he’s desperate to be relevant.”

According to TMZ, she claims she’s “repeatedly asked Feldman to stop talking about her son and let him rest in peace.”