Dominic Purcell got into an ugly spat with a fan over a comment she made about a recent Instagram post in which the Aussie actor posts a picture of himself, looking exceptionally grumpy, jokingly complaining about having to spend 5 more years in Vancouver, adding the hashtag #goldencage.

One of his followers, who writes a blog titled I Am Fierce, issued a comment to the post, writing: “Don’t be an ungrateful brat. It’s not a good look on you.”


Although the commenter says her remark was meant as a good-natured jest, “hoping to change his perspective,” the star of the upcoming “Prison Break” star clearly didn’t take it that way, and lashed out, writing: “Have u looked in the mirror? I’d be ungrateful too.” To which the commenter responded: “Classy. Enjoy your day.”


But Purcell wasn’t finished, and shot back with a lengthy rant: “It’s so funny,” he wrotes. “Why you so interested in being a maggot. Is it hormones? Or u just one of those poor souls who are so unimpressed with your own life that dissin on people to give you that hate hit that wets u? Lady just change the f***ing channel.”

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He continued: “U don’t have come on my page and dis? Take this as a warning shot. You do it again I’ll post you ass and give you a nice. VERY UNHAPPY HUMAN. U play with me u play with fire. I’m tired of people like you. Oh. Go easy on the doughnuts.”


This isn’t the first time that Purcell has griped about filming in Vancouver, complaining that after living in sunny Australia and, later, California, he’s not a big fan of the city’s unceasing rain during the winter months.

For proof, check out this Vancouver-bashing Instagram post from earlier this year, griping about “Vancouver’s gulag” and the city’s homeless problem: