Tess Holliday knows how to keep her cool with trolls, but she says the bigger problem is with Facebook.

The plus-size model shared a screenshot, earlier this month, from a particularly nasty troll: “Your the reason why there had been an increase in anorexia because people see you and don’t want there future to be you… Is it weird to think how early your going to die because your body will eventually give in to heart disease, diabetes, cancer.”

As if that weren’t classy enough, the troll continued to harass Holliday: “By the way we’re you airlifted to the UK or on private seating because no way could you fit in an airplane or even be carried by one.”

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Having experience dealing with this sort of offensive behaviour, Holliday simply responded with: “tell me more please.”

What really grinds the model’s gears, however, is the fact that Facebook banned Holliday’s account, seemingly for posting the screenshot.

She was not thrilled: “Someone was clearly bullying me and harassing me and saying really disgusting things, but Facebook blocked my profile… I had no access to my personal page, but I also couldn’t even post to my professional page. All because someone was bullying me?”

The situation reminded Holliday of another case where she felt targeted by Facebook. An Australian talk show page was not permitted to use an image of Holliday’s ad because it promoted: “an idealized physical image.”

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The plus size model tried to take action into her own hands: “Facebook said it was an accident, and I was like, ‘It wasn’t an accident.’ You have someone at Facebook who is fat-phobic, so when someone reported my photo, they thought to remove it.”

A spokesperson from Facebook denied the accusations in a statement to Allure: “Our team processes millions of advertising images and millions of reports each week, and we sometimes get things wrong… As soon as we were able to investigate, we approved the ad and restored the content. We’re very sorry about these mistakes.”

An apology was not enough for Holliday, who worries about what is being down for everyday people being harassed: “Why are people allowed to bully and harass us?”