Just in case the prospect of seeing the world’s biggest movie star fight Nazis in a series of gritty, intense action sequences involving tanks isn’t enough to convince you that Fury might be worth checking out, the new teaser offers a another major selling point: there won’t be any handheld camerawork.

“We’re shooting on real film with anamorphic lenses and dollies,”; boasts producer John Lesher. “It’s not handheld. Just very beautiful, elegant moviemaking.”;

This style of filmmaking comes as a radical departure for director David Ayer, whose End of Watch was filmed entirely on handheld digital cameras.

The teaser also features brief interviews with Pitt’s co-stars Shia LaBeouf (who notes that the movie posed significant challenges for the art department and grips), Logan Lerman (who claims the movie exceeded his expectations) and Michael Peña (who says the movie is “like a song about each character”;).

Fury hits theatres November 14.