Larry King was reportedly “blindsided” when he found out wife Shawn had been having a year-long affair behind his back, with The New York Post’s Page Six column reporting The National Enquirer‘s claims that the 82-year-old broadcaster may be heading to divorce court for the eighth time.

According to The Enquirer, notes The Post, Shawn has allegedly been sleeping with an unidentified man whom she met when he was a guest on the podcast she and her husband co-host. (Page Six has identified the man as motivational speaker Richard Greene; a rep for Greene, however, tells Page Six the story is “inaccurate”).

The Enquirer, adds Page Six, claims that Shawn, 56, sent naked photos to her lover and “enjoyed steamy sex sessions with her sweetie.” The tabloid also claims that Shawn told her paramour that her marriage was “over” and that she “texted the man a picture in July showing her seductively exposing a breast.”

“He’s heartbroken,” a friend of Larry’s told Page Six. “He’s embarrassed and furious.”

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As for whether the longtime CNN host is contemplating making Shawn his seventh ex-wife, that remains to be seen.

“All options are being considered. Nothing has been ruled out,” said the friend, adding that Shawn “was ready to divorce Larry for this guy, but the guy was hesitant about it.”

Larry and Shaun nearly split up back in 2010 amidst rumours she was cheating with their son’s baseball coach and he was cheating with his wife’s sister, but the couple halted divorce proceedings and reconciled.

However, the source claims that their marriage has been a sham since then. “They just show up for appearances. She loves being Mrs. Larry King and the travel,” said the source. “She stays with him for the kids’ sake.”

Added the source: “He’s 82 years old, he’s survived cancer twice, heart surgery and he’s diabetic. When this came out last week, some of us were actually happy, hoping this will finally mean that he can live his life in some sort of peace, should they decide to divorce.”

King has been married eight times to seven different women (he remarried one of his ex-wives only to divorce her a second time).

Lawyers for both Larry and Shawn King have responded to Page Six, claiming the story is “inaccurate.” In addition, TMZ is reporting the couple just filmed a segment for the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family” talk show, in which they “sat side by side — at times even touching — and scoffed at reports she cheated on him,” adding that the they pair “didn’t exactly shoot down the stories, but still labeled them as ‘rumours.’ Then they got in bed together.”