Not only is Shaun Majumder one of Canada’s funniest people, he also has one of the country’s biggest hearts, as demonstrated by a letter of support he posted on his Facebook page to 11-year-old Torrence Collier, who has been the victim of racist remarks and bullying behaviour by classmates at his school in Westport, Newfoundland.

The shocking allegations made by Terrence (who is black) include his classmates calling him the N-word, with some students suspended for their behaviour, and the incident making headlines throughout the country.

Newfoundland native Shaun Majumder, currently starring on CBC’s 22 Minutes, can certainly relate to Terrence’s experience, as his skin colour also made him stand out in the predominantly white populace of small-town Newfoundland.

“Listen,”; Shaun writes, “when I was living in NL, in both Baie Verte and Burlington, I too looked a little out of place in a tiny outport. My father is E. Indian and Mom was white. So I got a lot of questions asked, but no one was ever as cruel as those kids in your town.”;

Shaun goes on to explain that bullying is really a form of cowardice: “People are mean because one of the only ways they can feel good about themselves is by putting someone down or calling them names. It makes them feel tough. Makes them feel like they are somehow powerful. It’s not powerful, it’s cowardly.”;

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