Skinny Girl Calls Kate Upton a “Fatty”

A website called Skinny Gossip posted an article titled “Kate Upton is Well Marbled“.  The writer, who goes by the alias “Skinny Girl” begins the post with a seemingly harmless question “Did you know that humans are 80 per cent genetically identical to cows? Well, allow me to prove it to you…” and follows up by showing some particularly unflattering photos of Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton strutting down a runway.

Skinny Girl asserts that her site is not pro-ana (a term describing websites and forums that promote anorexia as a means to weight loss, helping their community with starving tips and how to hide their new found diet from friends and family) just “pro skinny”.  That being said, the website has for years featured a “starving tip of the day” and goes by the credo “live by the scale and measuring tape.”

Calling Kate “fat” is only the tip of the iceberg – the post continues, saying “Upton lumbers down the runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it” and she “looks thick, vulgar and she’s a solid 30-pounds too heavy for this outfit.”

Following up with “she has huge thighs, no waist, big, floppy boobs, terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick!  Is this what American women are “striving” for now?  The lazy, lardy look?  Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!”

Skinny Girl, who is entitled to her opinion of Kate, balked when she herself became the victim of cyber bullying.  After the article received intense backlash and personal threats, the writer issued a response, defending her views with another article stating the “positive changes” she’s making to her site, as well the way she manages her online community.

Her concluding statement in this post says: “There’s nothing wrong with saying skinny is beautiful, just like there’s nothing wrong with saying curvy is beautiful or red hair is beautiful, or anything else someone happens to find appealing. It’s an opinion and we’re all entitled to them.”

Unfortunately Skinny Girl didn’t see the irony in cyber bullying someone about their weight and then enforcing changes to her own website after feeling bullied by the responses she got in return.

A statement from Kate’s rep says “the criticisms are absurd, Kate is clearly gorgeous and very healthy.”;

What is your take on Skinny Girl vs. Kate Upton?  Head on over to our poll to voice your own opinion on the matter and tune-in to ET Canada tonight to see Cheryl Hickey and Roz Weston’s take on this story.



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