Behind The Scenes With Hedley On New Music Vid For ‘Can’t Slow Down’

Hedley is premiering a new music video for the band’s latest single “Can’t Slow Down”, and front man (and video co-director alongside Matt Leaf) Jacob Hoggard takes fans behind the scenes of the music vid.

The video for “Can’t Slow Down” explains Hoggard, “for me is kind of that confession of, I guess, what life can be like being pulled from opposite ends, needing to be a lot of different things a lot of the time. I’m excited to just convey a lot of what can be difficult emotions to express in a really kind of clear and beautiful fashion.”

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He adds: “Visually we’re going for a sort of going for a contrast between two worlds. I wouldn’t call it good and evil. It may be more like up and down. It might be like two sides to every story.”

This duality comes through loud and clear in the just-released video for “Can’t Slow Down” — watch:



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