Former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul made a shocking revelation that caused an interviewer to flip out when he dropped the bombshell that plans were in the works for a brand-new season of the critically acclaimed hit.

During an interview with Huffpost Live, the interviewer referenced comments that Aaron’s costar, Bryan Cranston, made in which he hinted that perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Walter White. Keeping a straight face, Aaron said, “It’s out though, right? I didn’t think that news was supposed to be public yet, but yeah, we are doing another season.”;

“What?”; remarked the shocked interviewer, figuring he’s just stumbled upon a massive scoop. Aaron clarified: “We are actually doing a seventh season of Breaking Bad.”;

But then Aaron burst the bubble, revealing he was just goofing around. “No, that’s a lie,”; he said with a laugh. “That’s not happening guys, come on!”;

The prank, claims the interviewer, is “the worst interview experience since David Blaine played a magic trick on me.”;

However, Aaron did say the door is open for Walt and Jesse to potentially appear in the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, focusing on the pre-Bad adventures of sleazy attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), set to debut next year.