“Is this real? Or is it in my head?”

That’s a familiar refrain for viewers of “Mr. Robot”, not so much for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, but that’s how Colbert kicked off last night’s show, wearing a hoodie and emulating Rami Malek’s mentally unstable computer hacker in a special opening spoofing the Showcase conspiracy thriller.

And then “Mr. Robot” star Christian Slater strolled onstage, thanking the host for having him on the show.

“Am I having you on?” declares Colbert via voiceover. “Do I even have a show tonight? What if the audience is all in my head and the audience is just a bunch of computer viruses?”

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Slater is in on the gag — but is Colbert?

“I see what’s goin’ on here,” says Slater. “I’m on ‘Mr. Robot’ so you’re doing a ‘Mr. Robot’ bit.”

“Am I?” says Colbert’s voiceover. “Or is the bit doing me?”

Things only get weirder from there.

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