“Once Upon A Time” actress Emilie de Ravin took to Twitter to express her outrage over the way she was allegedly handled by an American Airlines employee on Thursday.

The Australian star blasted off a series of tweets documenting the “forceful” treatment she received after trying to board a plane with a breast pump carry-on at LAX.


It is unclear from de Ravin’s tweets what led to the incident at the airport. The “Lost” actress just gave birth to daughter Vera Audrey in March.

After landing, de Ravin tweeted her thanks to the airline for a “safe and smooth” flight.  American Airlines reached out to the actress via Twitter to investigate her accusations.


American Airlines  released a statement regarding the incident to US Weekly on Friday.

“We saw the tweets and we are looking into the issue, and we do apologize to the customer for the inconvenience,” the statement reads.  “Just to clarify the policy, we absolutely welcome breast pumps on board the aircraft. In fact, they do not count against your carry on baggage. So normally you’re allowed one bag and a personal item aboard the aircraft, but a breast pump we consider a medical device so that is allowed in addition. We will have our Customer Relations reach out to [Emilie de Ravin].”

The star is just the latest actress to speak out against airlines for discriminating against new mothers.  Rose Byrne had her breast milk confiscated by the TSA earlier this year, echoing a similar experience Alyssa Milano had in 2015.  In April, a livid Brooklyn Decker turned to Twitter after missing her delayed flight after being told by airline employees that she had time to use the restroom to pump breast milk.