As the Marvel screen universe continues to expand, fans are preparing to see what the upcoming “Black Panther” film will look like now that we caught our first glimpse of the character in “Captain America: Civil War”, and star Chadwick Boseman has some scoop.

In an interview with, Boseman — who plays T’Challa and his costumed alter ego — explains that fans should expect a different kind of Marvel movie.

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“It’s funny, because on one hand, the Marvel movies that I’ve liked the most are the ones that are funny. I love ‘Ant-Man’. But for me, most of the time the darker superhero movies are the ones that I gravitate towards, that I love the most,” Boseman says.

“So I’m glad that I’m not in an ‘Ant-Man’. I’m glad that the tone of [‘Black Panther’] may be a little grittier,” he adds. “I just wanted to establish that from the beginning, that that’s what we were doing. That that’s what I intend to do. I feel like we’ll end up in a place that I’ve always wanted to be when I look at superhero movies. Those are the ones I like the most. It’s exciting to do that.”