Madonna And Guy Ritchie Settle Custody Battle Over Son Rocco

The bitter custody dispute between Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie over son Rocco has been settled, with TMZ reporting the squabbling ex-spouses have settled their differences, shortly before they were due in court for a hearing on the heated custody case.

Madonna was reportedly livid when Rocco, 16, insisted on living with his father, with Madonna alleging the “Sherlock Holmes” director was poisoning their son against her.

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However, the past few months have seen an apparent softening in the dispute, with Rocco spotted spending time with his mother in London, and even celebrating with her at her 58th birthday bash in Cuba last month.

“As for the terms of the settlement … they’re confidential,” notes TMZ, “but unless things have radically changed Rocco will go back to London for school and Madonna will see her son frequently.”




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