Minka Kelly Shuts Down Wilmer Valderamma Romance Rumours: ‘We Are Good Friends… We Are Not Exes’

Word through the grapevine suggests Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderamma are getting back together, after splitting in 2012, but Kelly says that’s just not true.

In fact, according to her interview with “Power 106” the two were never romantically involved: “He’s a good friend to me… And it’s funny—he’s not my ex. We are good friends, and we always have been. We’re not exes!”

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She added: “Wilmer’s a really, really good person, and any woman would be lucky to have him.”

Kelly is used to having her private life under a microscope and she is fine with it: “I think it comes with the territory. It’s a small price to pay for the extraordinary life that I live… I think if they’re paying attention, that must mean there’s something [I’m doing right].”

Although she does admit it can be frustrating: “Look, if it’s true and it’s out, then it’s true and it’s out. When it’s not true and it’s out, it’s really frustrating. You just have to find the comedy in all of it.”

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Contrary to Kelly’s denial, a source reportedly told E! the two friends were giving romance a shot: “They did have a late dinner at Palms Thai together… They sat across from each other and it was just the two of them. I didn’t personally see if they were holding hands or if they were being affectionate, but it looked like a date. They looked casual and relaxed.”

The two were also photographed  in Mexico over the long weekend, but the 36-year-old actress is squashing the rumour.


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