Jamie Dornan appeared on an episode of “This Morning” and opened up about his relationship with his two daughters: 2-year-old Dulcie and Phoebe, who was born this past February.

The “Fifty Shades” star is stoked to take a break from acting, so as to spend time with his two little girls: “It’s a break with two kids under two,” he quipped.

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In all seriousness, Dornan loves his children: “It’s brilliant, it’s the most magical thing in the world.”

The 34-year-old actor and father also revealed that he has a little help with Phoebe, in the form of her big sister Dulcie: “she wakes up and wants to see the baby instantly.”

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Regarding his acting career, Dornan says he plans on staying busy: “I love it… I want to be busy but I’m also aware I’m a young father and I want to spend time with my kids, so they come everywhere with me, which we can afford to do at the moment before they start school.”

Jamie and his wife Amelia wed in 2013, and welcomed their first daughter in November of that year.