When 19-year-old Eddie Murphy burst onto “Saturday Night Live” back in 1980, he quickly became renowned for his amazing impressions, hilariously impersonating the likes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Bill Cosby and Mr. T.

The intervening years have clearly not diminished Murphy’s gift for mimicry, as he demonstrated during Friday night’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, where he broke out a pitch-perfect impression of Tracy Morgan while relating an anecdote about cooking up some hot dogs for the former “30 Rock” star.

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“Everybody imitates Tracy Morgan,” said Kimmel, praising the hysterical impression. “That’s easily the best Tracy Morgan imitation I’ve ever seen.”

Murphy also had a few things to say about Bill Cosby, whom he famously imitated when accepting the Mark Twain Prize for Comedy last year, with Kimmel asking whether Murphy heard from the embattled comedian afterwards.

“Oh no,” declared Murphy, breaking out into a wide grin, adding. “I’m not frightened of Bill.”