Daytime Emmys Red-Carpet Hosts Slammed For Cringe-Worthy Rape Joke

Yesterday’s Daytime Emmy Awards livestream also included a red-carpet show hosted by a quartet of so-called “social media”; experts, but the hosts’ awkward banter and embarrassing behaviour was roundly criticized by viewers, who were outraged when one of them made a not-at-all funny joke involving rape.

As Gossip Cop reports, hosts Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow and Meghan Rosette “were brought in to appeal to younger viewers on the livestreamed event, despite showing little familiarity with daytime television or the people they were interviewing.”;

Furlan was responsible for many of the cringe-worthy moments by “aggressively flirting”; with male actors, including a particularly embarrassing interview with General Hospital“s Ryan Paevy. Learning that he plays a detective on the daytime drama, Furlan leers and quips suggestively, “I’ve got something you need to investigate.”;

The worst moment, however, came at the end of the interview when Furlan — who is apparently “the queen of Vine comedy”; — remarked, “We’re going to get you away from us before we rape you.”

The duo was lambasted on Twitter, with users calling them “idiots,”; “insulting”; and “appalling,”; with one tweet going so far as to suggest that “these two need to be banned from TV forever.”; And, as TV Line pointed out, “Imagine for a moment — but don’t, because it is sickening — if a male reporter had directed that comment to an actress.”;

Here’s the interview in question. Do you think the criticism is justified?

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