Haley Joel Osment Gets Slapped By Random Stranger In Viral Video

He may have seen dead people in The Sixth Sense, but in the new viral video “The Slap”;, the only thing that Haley Joel Osment sees is a woman’s open palm heading straight toward his heavily bearded face.

The video is a parody of “First Kiss,”; the YouTube video that went viral earlier this year that showed random strangers meeting for the first time and then kissing. The parody is basically the same thing, only the kissing has been replaced with slapping.

Sequoia star and occasional ET Canada celebrity guest blogger Dustin Milligan also makes an appearance in the video, as do Victorious‘ Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies, Silicon Valley“s Amanda Crew, and 90210‘s Jessica Stroup.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ninOz5ValUM%5D

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