Jonah Hill Not Amused By Insulting Jokes From French ‘Weather Girl’ In Awkward TV Interview

Jonah Hill is usually the one telling the jokes during talk show appearances, and a presenter on a French TV talk show recently demonstrated why it should stay that way.

During an appearance last Friday on “Le Grand Journal”, Hill was quizzed by Ornella Fleury, known as “Miss Meteo”, when she used the two-time Oscar nominee as the butt of an unflattering joke.

Fleury, a former weather presenter who fancies herself a comedian, admitted to Hill she has sexual fantasies about him stemming from a sex-related (albeit not particularly sexy) scene in “Superbad” and one in which he masturbates in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, declaring that he was the man for her.

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“It’s when I saw you get sodomized by a three-metre-tall demon in ‘This Is the End’ that I told myself, ‘Now this is the man of my dreams!'” she said, to which Hill replied, “And you? I heard you get sodomized on a regular basis.”

She continued, “Anyway, here’s why I have a sexual fantasy with you, Jonah – all I have to say is sexual fantasy and you guys laugh… guess I don’t need to finish the joke…”

She added, “My sexual fantasy would be that we would meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh, you’d make me laugh a lot, and then all of a sudden you’d bring your friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt… and then you’d go away.”

Hill was not amused, however, and reminded her which of them was the movie star. “I’m glad I came on this show to get ridiculed by the local weather girl,” he said.

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Viewers in France condemned Fleury’s behaviour, calling it a national embarrassment, leading to an apology from the red-faced “weather girl”.

“Jonah, the problem is that for 10 years I have lived with you through your films,” she said on the show, speaking directly to the camera. “In fact Jonah, I really had the impression that I knew you so last Friday. I thought I was just messing around with a friend, but the reality is that we are not friends.”

She added: “No, the reality is that you have two Oscar nominations and I have two videos on my YouTube account. You have made films with Scorsese and Tarantino and me, I have made an advert for Spontex [a company that makes cleaning products].”



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