Justin Timberlake entertains thousands of fans when he hits the stage, but when he’s not performing, there’s only one person he wants to entertain – his 17-month-old son, Silas.

“We sing, we dance around the house, we paint, we play in the sandbox,” he tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel.   “It’s just crazy how much they teach you.  Watching them discover something every day is just…you feel like you’re learning it all over again,” he says of Silas.

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The 35-year-old singer is front and centre in “JT + The Tennessee Kids”, directed by Jonathan Demme (“Silence Of The Lambs”).  The “Suit And Tie” singer took over the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday night to promote the new concert film which will be available on Netflix on October 12.

“I had that moment yesterday when I was flying into Toronto kinda thinking, ‘Wow this is gonna be right on Netflix in a month and my son will be able to see it,'” he says.

While fans were screaming for Timberlake at the film’s premiere, he’s enjoying his family time off-stage.  “I am enjoying just being daddy for him,” he concludes.