Costliest Celebrity Divorces

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s speedy split surprised many with the couple settling on an agreement in under two weeks. But, while their divorce is certainly one of the most high-profile, it may not be one of the costliest.

Jennifer Peros from Us Weekly tells the Associated Press: “It doesn’t really seem that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement was too much about money. It was mostly about the custody of Suri.”; She says Katie is reportedly getting full custody with Tom allowed only visitation rights. Apparently the actress was so focused on Suri’s well-being, money became an afterthought. “She really wasn’t worried about getting the $15 million that she’s reportedly getting out of this,”; says Peros. “She just wanted her daughter.”;

While $15 million isn’t peanuts, it’s not the fortune many would expect Katie to walk away with after a six-year marriage to a high-paid superstar like Tom.

After all, Harrison Ford shelled out an estimated $118 million to his ex, screenwriter Melissa Mathison when they split after 18 years of marriage.

And basketball star Micheal Jordan paid a whopping  $150 million dollars to his wife, after close to 20 years together.

Meanwhile, after only 18-months of marriage to director James Cameron, Terminator star Linda Hamilton walked away with a reported $15 million –  the same amount Katie is claimed to be getting out of her deal.

For more on Hollywood’s most expensive divorces, watch the video below!



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